Many people who have a goal to achieve mental well-being with their fitness prefer to take a slow approach. Tai Chi is one fitness program that caters to that because it’s all about slow and controlled movements.

This is a very gentle fitness program, so everyone is able to participate without risk of injury or exhaustion. If you’re trying to improve balance and strength while also improving your mood, this might be the best option.

Tai Chi is a martial arts form that is perfect for people with arthritis or joint pain. You’ll be practicing deep breathing and enjoying the calming effects that has on your stress levels.

As your heart rate slows down, and your muscles become relaxed, you’ll enter a state of calm where you can zero in on positive thoughts and memories. Many people who practice Tai Chi claim they have improved cognitive function.

This fitness program, known as “meditation in motion” has five main principles of relaxing, being upright, separating your weight, being flexible at the waist, and beautiful lady’s hand.

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