Like yoga, Pilates is a very popular mind-body fitness program that many men and women enjoy. They offer classes at gyms around the country and it’s a popular form of low impact exercise that people take to strengthen their body while also minimizing their stress.

This mind-body program has a big focus on core strength, although it also benefits other areas of your body, too. Many people find that working on their trunk and core gives them the stability they need to feel stronger and more fit.

Studies have shown that people who engage in Pilates also have a reduction in symptoms of depression, and an increase in the amount of energy and focus they have. It helps with mental endurance, not just brief clarity and calm.

With Pilates, you may or may not be using equipment. Some of the things you may need include a mat, magic circle (or ring), Cadillac, Pilates chair, foam roller, Pilates reformer and other items like resistance bands.

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