Brrrr, it’s absolutely freezing out here today!

(Yes even in “sunny” Spain we encounter winter!)

As a bitter cold wind whips through the streets, I can’t help but marvel at how people manage to endure this kind of weather day in and day out. I’ve seen everything from the thick fur coats to the thinnest jackets, from the bravest winter sports enthusiasts to those who won’t leave their houses until the warm sun returns.

As the cold seeps through the layers of clothes, I can feel how it affects people. I see the way they huddle together, rubbing their hands to keep warm, blowing on their fingers, and stamping their feet. I witness the way the chill makes them slow down, sometimes almost to a stop, as if they’re paralyzed by the cold. And yet, there are those who push through the cold, refusing to let it defeat them. They take on the challenge, braving the elements, and coming out the other side stronger and more resilient.

shallow focus photography of clear water globe
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

In many ways, starting a new business online is a lot like facing the cold. It can be daunting, scary, and overwhelming. There are so many unknowns, so many obstacles to overcome, and so many potential pitfalls to avoid. But just like those brave souls who brave the cold, those who are willing to take on the challenge of starting a new business online can come out the other side stronger and more successful.

That’s where business coaching comes in. A good business coach is like a warm, comforting blanket that helps you navigate the cold and challenging world of starting a new business. They provide guidance, support, and mentorship that can help you avoid the mistakes that so many others have made. They can help you develop the skills and strategies you need to succeed, and they can help you stay motivated and focused even when the going gets tough.

So if you’re thinking about starting a new business online, don’t let the cold and scary unknowns hold you back. Embrace the challenge, push through the obstacles, and come out the other side stronger and more successful than you ever imagined. With the help of a good business coach, you can do it!

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